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Welcome to Georgia Aquarium’s Official Blog! 

Here at Georgia Aquarium, it is our mission to be a leading facility for aquatic animal conservation and research. This blog will be a place for you to get an insider’s look into our extensive efforts of sustaining the world’s oceans and its unique aquatic inhabitants. We also want to show you the fun side of science – from the cute and cuddly to the slick and slimy!

All of the animals here at Georgia Aquarium are very unique, each with its own special story. We want this to be an opportunity to share these extraordinary stories with you, because for us, they are all worth telling. From the study of whale sharks in Mexico to the rehabilitation and release of sea turtles to the precious babies that are born here – we have many ongoing projects which exemplify our continual efforts to be a leading facility in the study of animal science and husbandry. And it’s not just about us. We also want to share the genius of the people around us, so we will introduce you to guest bloggers and scientists that we are privileged to know and work with.

That’s not all. From time to time, we will share with you some of the other things that are going on at the Aquarium, whether it be an awesome event, special encounter, cool visitor or just something newsworthy. We also love videos, so we will share our videos as well as our favorites that are out there on the interwebs. As we said, we want to show you the fun side of science too!

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We hope that you continue to follow us and check in regularly as we will have many new memories and milestones to share!